Joanne Cho


A location tracker can provide peace of mind by helping to ensure your safety



A redesign project was taken from BuzzIt, a company that offers a service for creating online and hybrid speaker event sites. Managing events can be challenging, requiring preparation and management of attendees. However, the previous design of BuzzIt was outdated and required improvement to create a more impactful image for users and appeal to them. The project aims to redesign the site by changing colors and layouts while retaining the original base design.


UI & UX Designer


UX Research, User Flow, Wireframes, Mock-up, Prototyping, Branding & Visual Design


Figma, Photoshop, Powerpoint


Many of us are familiar with individuals or are connected to someone who has either experienced or known someone subjected to incidents of being followed, verbally or sexually harassed, or even physically attacked. These situations can occur during a night out, while using ride-sharing services like Uber, while walking home, and disturbingly, even in broad daylight.

This is the main problem that has been researched.

1. Many of us have experienced the discomfort of feeling unsafe and intimidated when outside, especially when alone and after dark.
2. Instances of being followed, verbally or sexually harassed, or even attacked are unfortunately all too common, and we may personally know someone who has gone through such traumatic experiences.
3. Disturbingly, the statistics show that there are as many as 1000 cases of physical or sexual assaults against women in British Columbia every week, highlighting the urgency of addressing this deeply concerning issue.



“Drop your Pin & we’ll keep you company!”
Pin.Co’s main purpose is to strengthen our users’ feeling of safety. In order to achieve that goal, our app offers the above core features. Pin.Co can help empower people to take immediate action or seek assistance during uncomfortable or dangerous situations. The distressing statistics underscore the importance of creating effective solutions to enhance personal safety and prevent such incidents from occurring.

Main Feature


Call Simulation: Implement a feature that allows users to simulate a call to their device in case they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. This can help them get out of potentially dangerous situations discreetly.

Mandatory Check-in Time: Introduce a feature that prompts users to check in at specified intervals. If they fail to do so, the app could send notifications to their emergency contacts or authorities, ensuring their safety.

Share Your Location: Enable users to share their real-time location with trusted contacts through the app. This can provide an added layer of security, allowing friends or family to track their whereabouts.

SOS Button: Integrate a prominent SOS button within the app, which, when pressed, immediately sends distress signals to pre-defined emergency contacts or emergency services, along with the user’s location. By combining these solutions, you can create a comprehensive safety app that addresses various aspects of personal security and emergency situations.

UX Overview